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Photolock can be installed on any website in a matter of minutes. After you install it, you will be able to control and limit the actions that your website's visitors can take on your site.

We also provide installation instructions for the following platforms:


Install the JavaScript code

Simply copy the first code snippet in your Photolock settings, where we pre-populate your website id (referred to in the code as your shop or website domain).

You can also get it quickly from here:

<script type="text/javascript" id="photolockScript" src="" async defer></script>
<noscript id="photolockNoscript"><style>body *{display:none}body:before{content:"Please enable javascript to view this site"}</style></noscript>

Paste the code right before the closing head tag of every page. Please remember to replace web domain in the code with yours.

Domain Configuration:

After you install the script on your site, open your Photolock dashboard. Find Website settings and add your custom domain there.

Update Photolock Domain Settings

Your website domain must match the value here. Most websites these days use multiple domains. At a minimum, you have a domain with "www" and also a root domain as shown below.

Photolock only accepts a single domain. Therefore it is important to configure a primary domain for your website and add redirects to the primary domain. In case users visit your site with other domains and there are no redirects to the primary domain, Photolock will not activate.

Configuring Primary Domain in Shopify
Configuring URL forwarding in Cloudflare
Configuring URL Redirects in GoDaddy

Now you're ready to start using Photolock. 

Last Updated: May 22, 2021